Is test management wrong?

Is test management wrong?.

Well worth the read. I agree with many aspects of what Alister Scott is saying. The transition is tough for many established groups (silos?) to accept. It is even harder for those (like me) who have the titles that are most directly impacted. When the way we execute our project changes for the better, the resistance to give up control is often the biggest hurdle.


One thought on “Is test management wrong?

  1. I’m with you, I agree with many aspects of what he’s saying, and his description of the Center of Excellence is spot on with the way we’re working it here. And, also like he said, test management isn’t wrong, we’re just doing it in a different context now.

    One thing that I’ve noticed as our IT department adopts an ITSM org structure, moving from Silos to Towers (I’m guessing that’s a silo in a better neighborhood), is that the COE roll for test management is becoming essential to ensure not only that new ideas and approaches are seeded across the cross-functional teams, but also that the bridges of communication remain open between the towers. This really means that testing and other cross-tower COE’s serve as the glue that holds the organization together.

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